Holloway Falls

Family man; gentle man; wanted man

William Holloway has secrets. Years ago, he witnessed his wife’s betrayal and his life fell apart. Now someone’s toying with his mind and the life of a missing woman, the prostitute Holloway pays to imitate his ex-wife. When she is murdered, his ex-wife’s name scrawled on her abdomen, Holloway is trapped by the consequences of love and sex, of infidelity and violence, in a world of his own terrible making. Hunted as a rogue policeman and a killer, he’s on the run. And planning retribution.

‘A compulsive tale of abduction, coincidence, psychotic jealousy and imaginative daring’

‘An ingenious revenge thriller which draws you in with its spare, snappy prose, then messes with your head as deviously as the dreamers, charlatans and conspiracy theorists who populate it’
Time Out

‘A compulsive tale of abduction, coincidence, psychotic jealousy and imaginative daring’
Chris Petit, Guardian

‘Cross’s acutely observed England is governed by chaos: fraudulent cultists, superstition, the tabloid impulse and junk food. Destructive energies explode the veneer of everyday life . . . Cross’s precision keeps tight rein of this page-turning plot’

‘Distinctive, original . . . powerfully atmospheric and hypnotically rendered. You may not be able tos ay precisely where you’ve been, but you’ll know you’ve taken a hell of a ride’
Literary Review

‘Clever, continually surprising’
Big Issue

‘Sparkles with genuinely absorbing situations and characters’

‘Neil Cross’s story is carefully told, finely spun, and while it does have the sex, violence and brutality of many of its peers, these men also feel. And cry. And care about their daughters. Which makes them way more interesting to read in an everyday love story gone badly wrong’
Stella Duffy

‘In the pantheon of screwed-up detectives there are several low-lifes for us to admire – Rebus, Robicheaux, some might say Columbo – but even in such exalted company William Holloway is a name to watch’

Luther - Series 1

...the actors' skill - and Cross' admirable ability to explore his characters' boundaries without either calcifying or forsaking them - allows "Luther" to be superhuman in both the ordinary and extraordinary sense.

Los Angeles Times

Luther - Series 2

“Gritty, brooding, emotionally raw . . . whatever you call it, Luther is powerful TV.”

San Francisco Chronicle

Luther - Series 3

It gets darker, scarier and more captivating with each episode as Luther matches wits with killers and cops alike . . . the outstanding Elba broods like no other actor, and adds nuance to the series beyond the excellent writing of series creator Neil Cross and his team

Sunday Mirror