Malachi Thorndyke, former soldier, book smuggler, drunk, is living in the South Australian Reclamation when he’s approached by Isabel and Nathan Beaumont. They have a mission for him, the most important smuggling trip he’ll ever make, back to New Jerusalem, capital of the Christian fundamentalist state that America has become, with a document that with change the course of history.

Christendom soars as its prodigious invention sparks’

Christendom soars as its prodigious invention sparks’

‘One one level, this is a straightforward thriller; what raises it above the crowd is the tension of the writing. It . . . challenges our preconceptions, and sets us up for the sick beauty of the plot’s central revelation’
Literary Review

‘Neatly conceived . . . a well-paced thriller with original ideas and taut writing’
The Times

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Luther - Series 1

...the actors' skill - and Cross' admirable ability to explore his characters' boundaries without either calcifying or forsaking them - allows "Luther" to be superhuman in both the ordinary and extraordinary sense.

Los Angeles Times

Luther - Series 2

“Gritty, brooding, emotionally raw . . . whatever you call it, Luther is powerful TV.”

San Francisco Chronicle

Luther - Series 3

It gets darker, scarier and more captivating with each episode as Luther matches wits with killers and cops alike . . . the outstanding Elba broods like no other actor, and adds nuance to the series beyond the excellent writing of series creator Neil Cross and his team

Sunday Mirror